06 Sep
How to properly use commercial refrigerator

 Meat storage

 Refrigerator meat doesn’t have to be cleaned, and put it inside the box and then place the box in the colder area. But generalized meat should be cleaned carefully. Chop the meat into pieces or slices, pack it in the #refrigeration box or fresh-keeping bag respectively. Put the food which won't be used for long periods in the #freezer and the #food which will be used tomorrow in the #refrigerator. Meat can’t be frozen repeatedly, or a huge loss of edible value will be caused.  

Vegetable storage

 Generally, there are dust and dirt on the surface of the vegetables or fruits at the time you purchase them, in which there might be a large amount of microorganisms, easily resulting in other food inside the hasht #fridge and causing cross-contamination. For that reason, vegetables and fruits should be cleaned carefully, and we should shake off the water as well. Then pack them into a clean fresh-keeping bag and seal the bag with fresh-keeping film.

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