14 May
How to clean reach in refrigerator


  • Clean the surface of reach in refrigerator 

Keeping the surface of commercial refrigerator clean is an essential operation for every high-use kitchen. It can also greatly reduce the chance of dust and bacteria entering the refrigerator when it is opened or closed. So the surface of the cleaning work should be more frequent, it is best to wipe every day. If there is hard to remove the dirt, you can dip in a soft cloth with soapy water to wipe, and then wipe dry with water can be.

  • Clean internal components of reach in refrigerator

To avoid contamination of food by bacteria from food residues, we need to clean the food residues inside the refrigerator regularly. Just remove them and wash them with clean water. But pay attention to dry and then put back, do not let the water into the freezer.

The above two are relatively simple cleaning, cleaning will not affect the normal work of the refrigerator. The following operation to be carried out in the case of power failure, be sure to ensure safe operating practices.

  • Upright refrigerator & freezer inner Wall defrosting, cleaning and handling

Direct cooling commercial fridge & freezer : After the freezer works for a period of time, the water vapor entering the Cabinet will form frost on the inner wall of the freezer. Frost is a poor conductor of electricity, and its presence impedes the exchange of heat in the freezer. If the thickness of the frost layer exceeds a certain thickness, the refrigeration efficiency of the refrigerator will be significantly reduced and the power consumption will be significantly increased. Long-term in the frost layer too thick state of operation, the life of the refrigerator will also be reduced. The defrosting solution for direct freezer is as follows:

  • You can put a basin of hot water in the freezer
  • Use a hair dryer to speed up the melting of the frost
  • Rub the inside of the freezer with vegetable oil or glycerin (the oil forms a protective film that makes it harder to defrost and easier to remove later, as well as making it easier to wipe off food particles that stick to the inside of the Freezer)

Caution: Never use a sharp object to remove ice from a commercial freezer during defrosting. This can damage the inside of the freezer. When the defrosting is over, make sure the inside is wiped clean and we can put the food back.

Air-cooled commercial fridge & freezer: LVNI fridge Commercial frost-free air freezers with automatic defrosting system, when the set time to arrive, the system will automatically defrost, frost water using a straight way, from the kitchen drain away. Reduce the trouble of manual defrosting, greatly improve the efficiency of commercial kitchen time. The evaporator uses the detachable dustproof net design, we suggest cleaning the dustproof net once a month, which can improve the work efficiency of the refrigerator, refrigerate faster, reduce the failure rate of the refrigerator, extend the service life of the refrigerator.

  • Evaporator cleaning of commercial refrigerator

As the refrigerator in operation with the formation of a magnetic field with static electricity, especially easy to dust adsorption to the refrigerator evaporator. Evaporator dust will affect the normal cooling of the refrigerator, so take advantage of the "clean" opportunity, must not forget to clean the back of the refrigerator condenser and compressor surface. When cleaning, do not use water, not to use alcohol, detergents and other liquids may have a certain corrosive. As long as the brush sweep dust on it, if it is too long not clean, dust too much with the proposed vacuum cleaner, the effect will be better.

  • Seal Strip cleaning  of commercial refrigeration

In cleaning the freezer, there is a very important link is easy to be ignored, that is, cleaning the door seal. The stains on the door seal will accelerate the aging of the door seal, reduce the tightness of the refrigerator, leading to the temperature instability in the refrigerator, but also increase the refrigerator's power consumption. Therefore, we should always check the door seals for dirt, also do not near the bottom of the position. In the clean can be dipped in soft cloth soap water wipe, wipe dry with water, remember to move gently, do not destroy the door seal structure, if found damaged to replace the door seal, otherwise it will affect the refrigeration effect of the refrigerator. 


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