13 May
How to Clean Commercial Refrigerator Coils

Coils on commercial refrigeration units naturally accumulate dust and debris. Over time, this build-up will cause your refrigeration system to work harder to maintain temperature and may cause other critical components to fail. If the refrigerator is not hot enough or uses too much electricity, it may be time to clean the coil. Whether you are a hand-held, flash freezer, walk-in refrigerator, or any other type of refrigeration equipment, the refrigerator coil should be cleaned at least once a month. In the video above, we'll show you how to clean your fridge coil in four quick and easy steps. When performed correctly, this simple maintenance task will allow you to run at maximum efficiency and increase the life of your equipment.

Before you begin, please unplug the device. As long as the door is kept closed and at the right temperature, the food inside the device will be safe.

1. Remove panel. It is located at the bottom, top or back of the device and usually requires the use of a screwdriver.

2. Use a coil brush to clean the condenser 

3. Use vacuum cleaner clearance accessories to remove smaller particles. Try not to bend the heat sink on the evaporator 

4. Reinstall the panel and turn on the power test 

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