21 Mar
Do I need undercounter refrigerator?

It is no secret that the best way to heat up your food is by using an undercounter refrigerator and a freezer. This is because undercounter refrigerators make use of special under counter cooling units, which are strategically placed at a strategic location and strategically spaced to provide adequate cooling and airflow all over the fridge.

Likewise, a freezer unit has a shelf mounted, shelf freezer compartment which allows for easy access. The freezer compartment of the undercounter refrigerator serves two purposes, first, to ensure maximum food safety and second, to avoid any compatibility issues with the refrigerator. As a result, a freezer designed for the undercounter refrigerator will never put out waste in the form of spoiled food, no matter how much you cook.

To ensure maximum food safety, the freezer compartment of the refrigerator or freezer should be vented to the outside, and it should have a seal and lock which ensure the passage of air. Having such a compartment is imperative to prevent cross-contamination of food from any other vessel in the house. Further, the freezer compartment should also allow the temperature of the freezer compartment to be regulated so that the temperatures stay within acceptable limits.

Freezers with sealing systems and vented compartments give proper protection to the food stored in them. Food that is being heated by the freezer compartment remains cold. As a result, it is always safe to leave food in the freezer for longer durations. Conversely, if you must thaw frozen food in the refrigerator before serving it, the longer it is thawed the better.

To ensure that the freezer compartment stays cool, proper ventilation should be ensured by keeping the door closed while the freezer is running. The main purpose of keeping the door closed while running the freezer is to prevent the flow of warm air to escape and to prevent food that is not cooked from spoiling. Also, the built-in heaters of the undercounter refrigerator and freezer to ensure that the heat of the freezer compartment remains cool enough to keep food safe and tasty for hours.

In addition, food that is stored in the freezer will keep its freshness for several months, when stored in an appropriate room temperature and no more than 10% of its original size. Hence, it is important to place the freezer that you use for storing food in a room where there is a minimum temperature fluctuation.

Most importantly, the door of the freezer compartment should be secured when not in use. This makes sure that no unwanted movement can occur while opening the door.

It is obvious that any undercounter refrigerator and freezer must be built to keep the food in the freezer fresh and safe for longer durations. Hence, it is necessary to make sure that the refrigerator and freezer you buy are equipped with such a feature.


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