23 Oct
The Difference Between Electronic wine cooler and compressor wine cooler

What’s the electric wine cooler?

The electronic wine refrigeration is a kind of refrigerator that stores red wine, which is designed to mimic the natural storage conditions of wine. It is a small bionic wine cellar, which is different from the furniture wine cabinet that is commonly used to display wine. The wine cabinets used to store wine are generally referred to as electronic wine cabinets. In addition to being called an electric wine cabinet, wine cabinets are often referred to as wine coolers or wine cabinets. Because of the constant temperature of the wine cabinets, they are also called thermostats. Now there are three standard refrigeration methods in the world: steam compressor refrigeration, absorption refrigeration, and thermoelectric refrigeration. Electronic wine cabinets (red wine cabinets) generally use two methods: steam compressor refrigeration and thermoelectric refrigeration

Why use the Electronic wine cooler storage?

Characteristics of the semiconductor electronic wine refrigeration:

  • Green and environmental protection: No refrigerant, no secondary pollution.
  •  Low noise: no noise from compressor operation.
  •  Accurate temperature control: Adopt fuzzy electronic linear temperature control technology.
  •  Beautiful appearance: Since the over-complex and extensive refrigeration system is not used, the space used in the box is increased, and the shape is small and varied.
  •  Lightweight: Because there is no compressor and complex refrigeration system, the weight is greatly reduced.
  •  No vibration: Because it is an electronic chip refrigeration system, there is no compressor operation, so there is no vibration.

What is compressor wine refrigeration?

The compressor wine refrigeration realizes refrigeration through its refrigeration system. A system consists of four essential parts, namely the compressor, condenser, throttling component, and evaporator. The four large pieces are connected by a copper tube into a closed system in a specific order, and the system is filled with a certain amount of refrigerant. The general refrigerant is Freon. In the past, R600A was usually used. Freon has been used in some compressors, such as R600A, R134A, and R404. The compressor sucks the low-temperature and low-pressure Freon gas from the evaporator into a high-temperature and high-pressure Freon gas and then flows through a thermal expansion valve (capillary) to throttle the low-temperature and low-pressure Freon vapor-liquid two-phase object. Then, the low-temperature and low-pressure Freon liquid absorbs heat from the air in the space in the evaporator and becomes a low-temperature and low-pressure Freon gas, and the low-temperature and low-pressure Freon gas is sucked by the compressor. After the indoor air passes through the evaporator, heat is released, and the temperature of the airdrops. Such compression--condensation--throttle--evaporation repeatedly cycles, the refrigerant regularly takes away the heat of the indoor air, thereby reducing the temperature in the space. During heating, the flow direction of the refrigerant is changed by the switching of the four-way valve, so that the outdoor heat exchanger becomes an evaporator, absorbs the heat of the outdoor air, and the evaporation in the room becomes a condenser, and the heat is dissipated indoors. To achieve the purpose of heating.

Characteristics of the compressor wine refrigeration:

  • Fast cooling: The compressor has a faster cooling rate, and the re-cooling time is shorter. The compressor cooling time is about 20%-30% of the electronic cooling time.
  • Good cooling effect: the lowest temperature can be 5 °C; the temperature control range is extensive, generally between 5~22 °C, and the semiconductor refrigeration is generally 10~18 °C. The compressor wine cabinet is less affected by the ambient temperature. Even in the high-temperature environment, the temperature in the wine cabinet can still reach the ideal of wine.
  •  Storage temperature, while the semiconductor wine cooler can only drop 6~8 °C than the ambient temperature.
  • Stable performance: Compressor refrigeration technology, mature technology, stable performance, not easy to fail.
  •  Long life: Because the technology is mature, and the frequency conversion technology is generally used, the compressor works intermittently, so the compressor wine cabinet has a long service life. The compressor wine cabinet usually has a service life of 8 to 10 years; the semiconductor wine cabinet is often 3 to 5 years.

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