17 Oct
4 tips to maintain the commercail refrigeration

Based on years of experience, LVNI Commercial Kitchen Equipment Co., Ltd. It Recommends that commercial refrigerators should pay attention to maintenance from four aspects below:

1. Regular cleaning precautions. Maintenance of commercial refrigerators should be carried out at least twice a year from commercial refrigerators. Turn off the power when cleaning the freezer, use a soft cloth dipped in water or detergent, gently scrub, then wipe off the detergent with water. After cleaning, plug the power plug firmly and check that the temperature controller set to the correct position.

2. Commercial refrigerator defrosting precautions. To defrost the commercial refrigeration, many people will use a relatively sharp metal device such as a screwdriver or a blade to defrost the defrosting time. It will break the possibility of the aluminum liner inside the freezer, resulting in the evaporator damage to corrosion, causing leakage in the freezer system, causing the refrigerator to not cold.

3. The use of precautions after the refrigerator is deactivated for a long time.

● Place the freezer in a ventilated position and open the door cover to dissipate the odor inside the box.

4. The solution for condensation on the bottom of the cabinet of the fridge. , the stall position of the freezer can. Generally, the freezer position of the under counter chiller is 4~7 degrees. In the case of ensuring food freezing, it could set to 5 degrees. Hopefully, those tips can help you solve your problem.       

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