27 Sep
4 advantages air-cooling system of commercial refrigeration

Generally speaking, "air-cooled refrigerators" and "direct-cooled refrigerators" are classified according to the different cooling methods of refrigerators. In the past, the refrigerators used in every commercial kitchen were direct-cooled. The structure was simple, and the power consumption was small, but there were troubles of requiring manual defrosting regularly. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, air-cooling technology is becoming more and more mature. With many advantages such as frost-free and fast cooling, air-cooled refrigerators have become more and more popular in Commercial kitchens, Bakery, Coffee shop, Chain restaurant, and so on.

what is air-cooled refrigerators ?

Air-cooled refrigerators use air for cooling. When the high-temperature air flows through the built-in evaporator (separated from the inner wall of the fridge), the temperature of the air gradually decreases due to the high air temperature and low evaporator temperature. At the same time, cold air is blown into the refrigerator to lower the temperature of the fridge.

air cooling systemAir cooling system

4 Advantages of air-cooled commercial refrigerators:

1. The air-cooled refrigerator does not frost on the inner wall of the fridge, avoiding the trouble of the user's manual defrosting, and the user is relieved, and labor-saving, so the commercial refrigeration with air cooling    system more and more popular.

 The air-cooled type does not require manual defrosting:

The air-cooled refrigerator does not cause frosting, but the frost almost condenses on the top of the evaporator and does not condense on the inner wall of the fridge, while the evaporator of the air-cooled refrigerator is in the refrigerator. The interior (separate from the inner wall of the refrigerator) is therefore called frost-free. The frost condensed on the evaporator is removed by thermal evaporation, that is, after the refrigerator has been in operation for a period of time, the refrigeration is suspended, and the defrost heating system is activated. The condensed frost turns into water after being heated and then is discharged through a dedicated conduit (or directly evaporated into water vapor). This work is done automatically by the refrigerator and does not require manual processing by the user.

2. The cooling air circulation of the fan is active, the refrigeration speed of the refrigerator is faster, and the air-conditioning distribution is more balanced.

3. The thermostat adopts an electronic controller, which is relatively straightforward and has a more precise temperature. The temperature of the air-cooled refrigerator is more uniform, and the temperature difference between the temperature of the thermostat and other places in the fridge is small, so the temperature control is more precise.

4. The evaporator and food separation and the fan's steady cooling gas flow, so that the internal humidity of the refrigerator is small, the food will not freeze together, and it will not appear wet. The circulation of cold air also makes the smell of the refrigerator relatively fresh.

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