09 Jan
3 Tips For The Commercial Refrigerator

Freezers are used in major commercial establishments to preserve fresh food. Even on the street, there are some shops that have popsicles that sell popsicles, ice cream and drinks. But things that are commonplace may not be well understood. Today we will LVNI commercial refrigerator as an example to introduce.

Introduction to commercial refrigerator & freezer

A freezer is a small cabinet or small room for storing various food storage tools that need to be frozen, keeping food or other items cold, and a cabinet or box with ice machine for freezing. Boxes are widely used by various industries and families. The commercial refrigerator cooling system consists of four basic parts, namely compressor, condenser, throttling unit and evaporator.

1. Commercial refrigerator refrigeration principle

Let's see the commercial refrigerators how it works. Vaporization (liquid into vapor) is the heat absorption; liquefaction (steam into water) is the heat release, whether it is the same as the refrigerator or air conditioner. The working principle is as follows: (low temperature and low pressure) refrigerant (gas) → compressor → (liquefied) liquid refrigerant (high temperature and high pressure) → radiator (heat release on the surface of the refrigerator) → liquid refrigerant (low temperature and high pressure) → capillary → evaporator in the refrigerator (copper tube around the inner wall of the tank) gasification That is, heat absorption → the temperature in the refrigerator will drop → (gasification) refrigerant (low temperature and low pressure) → compressor. In this way, the heat in the box is moved from the recirculation to the outside with the refrigerant as the quality.

2. Commercial refrigerator maintenance knowledge

Frost is a poor conductor. The conductivity is 1/350 of aluminum. The frost covers the surface of the evaporator and becomes the thermal insulation between the evaporator and the food inside the box, which affects the heat exchange between the evaporator and the food inside the box. The temperature inside the box can not be lowered, the refrigeration performance of the freezer is reduced, the power consumption is increased, and even the compressor is heated due to long-term operation, and the compressor is easily burned out. In addition, the smell of various foods in the cream, the defrosting for a long time, will cause the refrigerator to emit odor. Under normal circumstances, when the frost layer reaches 5MM thick, it is necessary to defrost.

3. Commercial refrigerator handling considerations

When carrying, lift the foot, do not grasp the door handle or apply force on the table and the condenser, and can not drag on the ground; the maximum tilt angle of the box should not exceed 45 degrees, but can not be inverted or horizontally, otherwise it will Damage to the compressor or the refrigeration oil in the compressor into the refrigeration pipeline, affecting refrigeration, and easy to cause the compressor to spring; during transportation, to prevent bumps and severe vibration, to prevent rain and water immersion.

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