27 Aug
10 Tips about beverage commercial refrigerator

10 Tips about beverage commercial refrigerator

1、Employ stylish and elegant design for appearance

2、Set light box for advertising stickers, the picture plane could be changed freely, panoramic exhibition;

3、Set energy-saving light inside for the best exhibition effect

4、Imported door hinge to prevent the door from gradient

5、High-density foaming layer, 65mm thickness; The higher the insulation parameter is, the more electric-saving the commercial refrigerator is.

6、Refrigerator plate:the thickness of outer plate is 0.8cm and the inner is 0.6cm.

7、Refrigerated evaporator; condenser with heat dissipation is made from pure copper tube; Refrigeration with high efficiency.

8、Employ imported micro-computer thermostat, integrated design, the switch contact won’t be burning.

9、Luxuries body, the brand of compressor is Danfoss, Panasonic, Konor and etc. High performance and electric-saving.

10、Each door with 4 adjustable layer inside, the height can be adjusted according to different goods

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